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Providers Policy

Last Updated: March 5, 2021

This Service Provider Policy (the “SPP”) is set provided by Hakuna Services Inc, d/b/a LocalDumpster411, and is applicable at all times to all Providers. These SPP are made a part of that certain LocalDumpster411 Provider Agreement (the “Agreement”) between LocalDumpster411 and Provider and are incorporated herein by reference as if they were fully set forth in the Agreement.

All Services rendered by Provider under the Agreement shall at all times be subject to these SPP, and these SPP are subject to change without notice at any time by LocalDumpster411. Each Provider acknowledges and agrees that Provider bears the sole responsibility for checking these SPP for updates. Unless expressly stated otherwise herein, all updates are effective immediately.

The following SPP shall apply to all Services and all Providers effective immediately as of the “Last Updated” date set forth at the top of this statement. Provider acknowledges it has read and understood and agrees to all of the following terms and policies. Provider additionally understands that violation of any of the following terms and policies may result in LocalDumpster411’s termination of Provider’s Agreement with LocalDumpster411, and Provider’s ineligibility to perform any further Services for LocalDumpster411.

Cancellations, No-Shows, and Other Violations. The following terms shall apply in any instance in which Provider can no longer perform a task to which Provider has committed. As to each fee set forth herein, Provider acknowledges that such fee is not a penalty, but rather represents a reasonable percentage estimate of the loss to LocalDumpster411 caused by the cited action.

a. Cancellation. The following fees shall apply to cancellations by Provider:

i. For cancellation at least seven (7) work hours in advance: no fee.

ii. For cancellation between seven (7) work hours and four (4) work hours in advance: Provider shall be charged a fee of fifteen dollars ($15).

iii. For cancellation within four (4) work hours: Provider shall be charged a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25).

b. Late/ No-show. The following fees shall apply to late arrivals and no-shows by Provider:

i. For instances where Provider is late for an appointment by more than an hour: Provider shall be charged a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25).

ii. For instances where Provider fails to show up to an appointment: Provider shall be charged a fee of thirty-five ($35).

c. Under equipped. The following fees shall apply to Providers who arrive to an appointment improperly equipped or under equipped:

i. For instances where Provider shows up to an appointment understaffed: Provider shall be charged a fee of fifteen dollars ($15).

ii. For instances where Provider shows up to an appointment with a vehicle which does not meet the minimum requirements set forth in each booking request: Provider shall be charged a fee of fifteen dollars ($15).

iii. For instances where Provider shows up to an appointment without proper personal protective equipment (for example, masks) as required by the local government: Provider shall be charged a fee of fifteen dollars ($15)

d. Other violations. The following fees shall apply to other violations by Providers:

i. For instances where Provider makes separate arrangements with customers (for example, but without limitation, agreements to arrive early or late, agreements for additional compensation, or agreements to bypass LocalDumpster411): Provider shall be charged a fee of fifty dollars ($50) for the first such instance. In the event of any subsequent instances, Provider shall be immediately and permanently banned from providing additional services, and the Agreement shall be immediately terminated.

ii. For any instance of illegal dumping of the waste, in violation of any federal, state, or local ordinance, including but not a limitation to any violation of Section 2750.3(e)(1) of the California Labor Code: Provider shall be charged a fee of fifty dollars ($50). In addition, Provider shall be required to immediately return to LocalDumpster411 any payment received, and no further compensation shall be due to Provider for the work in question. Following the first instance of illegal dumping, any subsequent instances will result in Provider’s immediate and permanent ban from performing any further Services, and the immediate termination of the Agreement. Provider agrees that Provider shall bear the sole and absolute legal and financial liability for any such instances of illegal dumping, and Provider agrees that it will fully indemnify and hold LocalDumpster411 harmless in the event of any such instances, in accordance with Section 10(g) of the Agreement.

Notification of Changes. Provider agrees to immediately inform LocalDumpster411 in the event Provider has any change of plans that will or may affect a scheduled assignment. Notice of any such changes may be submitted to LocalDumpster411 by text messaging us at 415-417-0765, or by emailing us at

General Performance Standards. The following terms shall apply to all Services performed by Provider:

Provider will always do its best to provide great service to the customer.

When providing services (including driving to and from customer), Provider will drive in a safe and courteous manner, complying with all traffic laws, rules and regulations.

In the event of any accident, injury or damage to third party property, Provider will promptly notify LocalDumpster411 and provide such information and documentation as may reasonably be requested, including, but not limited to any insurance information or policy reports.

Provider may not and will not re-negotiate service time and pricing with the customer. If the customer requests something out of scope, Provider will ask the customer to book a new service on instead of charging them extra for completing the additional scope.

Provider will not show up more than half an hour ahead or more than half an hour late. If Provider is running late or can no longer make to the appointment, please inform the customer support line as soon as possible.

Provider understands it will be charged a fee for cancellation as set forth in Section 1, above.

Provider will maintain such licenses as are required to complete the services.

Provider will not, during such time as they are providing services to LocalDumpster411 and for one year thereafter, circumvent or seek to do business directly with customer.

Provider understands that it will provide all the tools and transportation needed for the Services.

Provider understands that the entire payout for each assignment will be the amount reviewed prior to accepting the assignment. Payment does not include any expense reimbursement, and LocalDumpster411 is not responsible for making any such reimbursements for expenses.

Payment. All compensation amounts to be paid for Services are established by LocalDumpster411 for each booking prior to your engagement for that particular task . Provider will be notified of the compensation to be paid for a specific completed assignment at the time Provider accepts such assignment. All payments are disbursed via Stripe Connect, and the entire payment for such assignment, less any fees charged in accordance with these SPP, out will be dispensed to Provider, once Provider has both (a) successfully completed the assignment, and (b) uploaded before and after pictures to the verification link provided. If you do not have a Stripe Connect account, please contact LocalDumpster411 for instruction on how to create one. Records. Provider will keep complete and accurate logs of the date, time, and location of all pickups, and shall additionally upload before and after pictures of all pickups via the webform provided Provider clicsk “complete task” for each task they are assigned.

Except where otherwise specified, all capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Agreement. Dated and made immediately effective as of the date first set forth above.