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Welcome to Local Dumpster! We are excited to have you as a client.

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you are interested in learning about our Terms of Services, please click here.


Walk me through how Local Dumpster works

Local Dumpster is an on-demand waste management and janitorial services platform. Imagine Uber for trash. Our business model ensures that we offer a very competitive and upfront pricing while offering accountable services and top notch customer support. After you book online, we match you with a service provider in our network that has the relevant experience and skill set. You service provider will show up at the appointment time and deliver the service. The provider will receive payment from us after the job is completed. You will never expect to pay the provider, other than the amount you already paid to us at the booking.

Why should I pick Local Dumpster?

We deeply care about customer experience and want to fundamentally change how it feels to get rid of trash or clean up your space! In addition to providers, we have a professional team of customer support agents and business managers to ensure your service quality.

We care about providing you with a timely and top tier service at an unbeatable price. To ensure the service quality, we ask all our providers to take before vs after pictures to document the services. They will receive payment directly from us after they complete the job and upload the pictures.

Do you serve my area?

We serve 20+ major metros across the United States and are launching more every month. Simply enter your zip code or address on our home page to check whether we serve your location!

What's your reschedule and cancellation policy?

For Customers:

- If you cancel at least 24hrs ahead of service time, we will charge you a 25% fee of your total booking.

- If you cancel within 24hrs of service time, we will charge you a 75% fee of your total booking.

- You can reschedule for free until 4 hrs before the original service time if the original time slot does not work for you.

- If you would like to reschedule within 4 hrs window of your booking, we will need to charge you $10 for each change.

- If we cannot serve your booking for any reason, you will have the choice to reschedule for free or receive a full refund.

For Warriors:

- If customer cancels within 2 work hours from the appointment time and the warrior is already at the client site, we will transfer $20 payout to the provider.

Do I need to be in contact with the LocalDumpster (service provider) directly?

If your service requires in person contact (for example, Warrior needs to come into your house to remove the junk), both parties will be provided the contact information beforehand. Otherwise, your contact information will not be shared to protect your privacy.

Do I need to be in person during the service?

You don’t have to unless the service requires in-person preparation, e.g. opening doors and locks. The warrior is expected to arrive at your location within half an hour before or after your scheduled time. If after arrival we cannot access the items, we will give you two calls and two sms. If we cannot get hold of you after 15 minutes, then you may receive a 80% refund or reschedule the booking for a $15 fee.

How do I know the service is completed if I am not in person?

We require providers to take before and after pictures for each service, as an evidence of the service delivery.

What if my dumpster does not show up or I am unhappy with the service provided?

We value customer satisfaction greatly. If you encounter issues during the service, please do not hesitate to chat with us online. We will investigate the case and get back to you asap.

What is your Covid 19 policy?

Local Dumpster is an essential business and we are open as usual during Covid-19. Every provider is required to wear a mask during the service.

Who do I pay to?

You will only need to pay Local Dumpster. The price quote is all-inclusive. No hidden fees. In some cases, we will follow up after your booking and update the price quote if it is obvious to us that you have under-booked (your scope is more than the tier you booked).